Monday, January 18, 2021

MacGyver - Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + GTO

"Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + GTO" picks up the long-dormant thread of the missing member of the team: Jack Dalton (George Eads). Eads, who left the show in the middle of the show's Third Season, doesn't appear in the episode other than in previously-shot footage to open the show in which Jack leaves the team to join a task force to hunt down terrorist Tiberius Kovac. The episode opens with Jack's body returned to the United States and the team's wake for their fallen friend. Nearly two-years since Dalton's exit, this episode has been coming for awhile. The only real surprise is how quickly things are wrapped-up in a single-episode storyline (rather than kick-off a longer arc).

A postcard, the first of many breadcrumbs left by Jack, send the team overseas to hunt the terrorist who apparently didn't die with Jack in the explosion. Along the way, they will meet some acquaintances of Jack (Bojana Novakovic and Nick E. Tarabay) one of whom is secretly the illusive terrorist who turns out to be a complete fabrication. Tarabay steals a couple of scenes as the duplicitious, yet helpful Tibor Babic. In the end, Team MacGyver takes down the person behind Tiberius Kovac, with the help of a giant electromagnet that MacGyver builds on the fly, and the team toasts to their fallen comrade one last time.

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