Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Hardy Boys - Secrets and Lies

While the Hardy Boys have finally started sharing information, "Secrets and Lies" continues the trend of them working separately. It also reveals the the Tall Man (Stephen R. Hart) survived his electrocution. (Who is this guy, Wile E. Coyote?) The discovery of the thief's tent on the beach leads to a frantic Joe (Alexander Elliot) scheming on how to steal evidence from the police station which might incriminate him. He ends up enlisting Biff (Riley O'Donnell) on his scheme, who does end up being a help (but not enough to get him out of the station without being caught). While the plot deepens the friendship between Joe and Biff, and provides a scenario where the Hardys could get their hands on a certain police file, there's no reason to believe Joe was in any real trouble for his actions and what he does in this episode would be much more troubling that what he was trying to cover-up to avoid "kid jail."

Frank's (Rohan Campbell) storyline takes him both to his grandmother (Linda Thorson) and to the library with Callie (Keana Lyn) while backtracking his mother's last day. He confirms the story his mother was working on concerns the odd historical events revealed in the last episode (and the "mystical" trinket in their possession) and that his grandmother has something to hide. The show all but confirms putting Frank and Callie together romantically, although the sudden appearance of a library guard prevents things from getting intimate. The other big takeaway from the show is Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos) becoming fed-up with the boys' lies and disappearances suggesting the pair will either need to come clean with her about what they've uncovered or become far more sly in their sneaking around.

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