Monday, August 30, 2021

Black Cat #9

"Infinity Score" continues with a talkie second issue to the arc. After stealing Star from Nick Fury, Jr., Black Cat attempts to convince the super-powered newbie to help her out while searching for her next target and making him a similar offer.

Despite being overpowered in this issue, Felicia is in total control giving Star just enough reason to stick around and tempting her with the possibility of boosting her powers when she comes into contact with others who have bonded with Infinity Stones. Swooping in to save Overtime from what he believed were more of Fury's goons also earns her a bit of good will on mark number two.

It's not easy to convince incredibly-powered individuals that they need you, but Black Cat uses events to make a pretty strong case to not one but two villains here. Felicia offers Star a plausible story for why an employer may want with Star and others with powers, although it seems far more likely a cover story to what Felicia is really after.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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