Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Suicide Squad #6

Waller sends the Squad to Earth-3 after the captured Bloodsport and his original target Black Siren (although Wallers seems more interested in the latter than the former). Elsewhere, back on Prime Earth, Peacemaker takes a team in search of Swamp Thing in a plot thread that still hasn't gotten going yet.

The second issue arc offers another appearance of Ultraman, although this time the Squad has a Superboy to help even the odds. The mystery about Superboy comes up again in this issue, and it will likely only deepen with the appearance of an unexpected hero when the the Squad returns home.

The issue isn't quite as strong as what's come before, but it works to push the storyline forward and offers an intriguing set-up for the next issue with not one but two Superboys with questions about each other. The Swamp Thing storyline remains largely a tease, but Waller's discovery of Earth-3 suggests an entire new world of recruits for her to choose from.

[DC, $3.99]

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