Wednesday, August 18, 2021

X-Men #2

Cordyceps Jones continues to run bets on who can successfully destroy Earth as another threat hits the planet in the form of an Annihilation Wave (which works as a kind of monstrous blob destroying everything in its path).

X-Men Assemble! Sunfire gets a nice moment here, as do the entire team in the aftermath of the battle as we see a far warmer reception by the locals to the X-Men stepping up to save the day than mutants have generally received in the past.

Most of the comic is centered around the X-Men fighting the wave together as a team but there are a few other threads involving Ben Urich's continued investigation into the unexplained resurrections of dead mutants, and an odd (if humorous) scene involving Rogue pulling Gambit out of his regular poker game. The Rogue/Gambit scene feels like it was thrown in as filler, but I'm wondering if there was a more interesting storyline at that card game left unseen than what we received in the main story?

[Marvel, $3.99]

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