Tuesday, August 31, 2021

What If...? - Episode Three

The third episode of Marvel's What If...? offers the most interesting setup of the first three episodes as being more than just swapping out one character for another. Instead we see the systematic murder of various Avengers before the team can be assembled to take down Loki in The Avengers. The deaths are shocking without cluing you into who might be behind the attacks. It's a great setup, offering an intriguing mystery, only to fall completely apart by a reveal that simply doesn't work as mastermind behind the entire plot is one of the least likely within all of the MCU (and I'm not buying the motivation suggested here as enough to turn him into a mass murderer). Do I believe the powers/tech within this individual's hands could do what we see unfold here? Perhaps, but I don't buy he would be the one to do it (and especially not for the reasons suggested). What started out as the best episode of the series, quickly turns into its worst.

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