Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Leverage: Redemption - The Paranormal Hacktivity Job

With the boys out of town, "The Paranormal Hacktivity Job" offers an all-girls episode as Parker (Beth Riesgraf) finds a client (Gillian Saker) scared out of her home by a pair of con men (Mike Massimino and T.C. Matherne). Using the bar as bait for another of their swindles, Sophie (Gina Bellman) tempts the pair in to use the high-tech haunting techniques allowing Parker to explain the pair's actions to their client. The Halloween episode offers a late twist with the arrival of an assassin (Matt McTighe) whose fear of ghosts, and the methods already deployed in the bar (raised one-hundred fold), become tools to take down another criminal as well and stop an assassination.

Because the entire episode takes place in the bar, "The Paranormal Hacktivity Job" works as a bottle show allowing the series to save a bit of money on here for use later in the season. Because of this the episode does feel a little claustrophobic, but given the haunting angle that doesn't distract from the storyline. The reveal that both Parker and Breanna (Aleyse Shannon) have a love of Halloween offers a nice connection between the pair. And the trio of women are able to think on their feet when the con goes sideways and they need to turn a cold-blooded killer into a superstitious coward.

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