Monday, August 23, 2021

Leverage: Redemption - The Card Game Job

The Leverage team use a fantasy card game to target a greedy CEO (Max Sheldon) known for buying up paramedical companies and jacking up the prices of medical drugs while stalling research on potential cures. Using the target's interest in the game, the team attempts to sell him his heart's desire which becomes more complicated when the creator (French Stewart) of the game shows up willing to sell. Now to beat the man, the team will need to prove his unworthiness and show him up at the game's annual celebration which offers opportunities for Eliot (Christian Kane) to go medieval on some thugs, Breanna (Aleyse Shannon) to use her love for the game to help Parker (Beth Riesgraf) find buried treasure, and to remind us that Sophie (Gina Bellman) is only good on stage when it's part of the con.

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