Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Batman • Superman - World’s Finest #12

While I enjoyed the first two issues of this title, there wasn't enough there to keep my interest long term. However, after reading Batman • Superman – World’s Finest #12 I think I may have given up on it prematurely. Despite the title, the main characters in this issue are Robin and Supergirl who each talk to their respective mentors about the unfortunate date the pair had the night before (which is shown in disastrous, but quite humorous, flashbacks). 

Some of the pair's troubles are simple misunderstandings or miscommunications, such as Robin expecting the date to be in-costume, while other trouble can be laid at Robin attempts to act cool leading to some awkward moments (including a nutshell of his life story that kills the conversation), and then there's the monkey rampaging outside the restaurant causing nearly as much chaos as the Boy Wonder has just attempting to talk to his date. Lots of fun here, including some back-and-forth between the Dynamic Duo to close out the issue.

[DC, $3.99]

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