Friday, March 10, 2023

Leverage: Redemption - The Pyramid Job

The Leverage crew tackles a pyramid scheme which has ensnared the granddaughter (Taina Dominguez) of one of Sophie's (Gina Bellman) old associates (Max Baker). "The Pyramid Job" plays on several common themes of Leverage: Redemption with Harry (Noah Wyle) getting in over his head as part of the con attempting to bromance one-half of the couple (Christopher Gorham) running the scam and teasing more information about Sophie's past. It's notable for the female-half of the operation (Virginia Williams) being smart enough to see through Sophie's con, but not smart enough to realize she's self-incriminating herself to her pyramid of mommy saleswomen. As for Sophie's story, we learn a bit more about one of her largest regrets and get a mention of another man from her past foreshadowing more trouble for the team down the line.

  • Title: Leverage: Redemption - The Pyramid Job
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