Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Run the Rink

Lunella (Diamond White) gets herself in and out of trouble after he family leaves her in charge of the rink for the night. Attempting to overcome the sheer boredom of a Tuesday night leads to unexpected complications, damage to the rink, the need of quick cash, and a plan by Casey (Libe Barer) to play on the celebrity of Moon Girl to attract customers (not realizing they will also attract villains). "Run the Rink" offers several fun bits for our heroine, both in and out of costume. My favorite gag involves the gravity-bending Gravitas (Ace Gibson) who temporarily turns the glitter-covered Devil Dinosaur into a disco ball.

  • Title: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Run the Rink
  • IMDb: link

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