Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Moon Knight #21

Following up on the attacks on Moon Knight's former friends and associates, Moon Knight #21 focuses more on his current sidekicks than our main character as Reese and Soldier head out dancing at a club one night only to find themselves fighting for their lives against an angry mob turned crazed by a yet-not-disclosed sound weapon from a not-yet-disclosed super-villain working for a not-yet-disclosed mastermind targeting Moon Knight and his friends.

Writer Jed MacKay has to continually contort himself to keep this mystery angle working without the unanswered questions breaking the spine of the story under their weight. Having this character (who may or may not be a long forgotten Werewolf by Night character), and his mode of attack, also be a mystery becomes a bit much. We only see Moon Knight in supporting roles first as Jake Lockley driving the group to the club and later as Moon Knight crashing in to help when things go bad.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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