Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Dianna Agron, who stars as a successful woman in her late 30s who has never wanted to have children and enrolls in a clinical study with a doctor (Melora Hardin) who claims to be able to jumpstart her biological clock, is by far the best thing about writer/director Alexis Jacknow's Clock. Ella (Agron) doesn't want children, but pressured by family and friends she feels the need to want to want children leading her to secretly enroll in the study that has unintended side effects which lead to her increasingly erratic behavior.

Mixing societal pressure, untested drug trials, experimental medicine, and horror, the film is a mixed success that gets a bit carried away with Ella's bad decision making and crazy behavior and loses the chance to stick the landing and drill home a point to the proceedings. Agron, who I've enjoyed since Glee is better than the source material which includes far too many late twists involving both her husband (Jay Ali) and father (Saul Rubinek) to take seriously and an ending that stumbles to an anticlimactic finish which I simply can't recommend.

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