Monday, June 5, 2023

The Blacklist - Blair Foster

Two stories driving "Blair Foster" as the Task Force continues to try and avoid Senator Clayton Dorf (Wayne Duvall) and Congressman Arthur Hudson (Toby Leonard Moore) who go to a judge (Tonye Patano) in order to find more information about their budget, and aren't stymied by her refusal. The team also looks into lawyer and fixer Blair Foster (Francie Swift) who uses both legal and illegal methods to keep her clients safe from prosecution, including the attack on a whistleblower (J.W. Cortes) that opens the episode.

One situation helps the Task Force solve the other, at least where Senator Dorf is concerned removing his attempt to shine a light on their activities. However, in doing so Foster cuts a deal and goes free, contacting Hudson and creating an unlikely pair of allies who may have aligning interests where the Task Force is concerned. The episode is also notable for appearances by both David Zayas and Diany Rodriguez as Reddington (James Spader) search for information leads him to Cuba.

  • Title: The Blacklist - Blair Foster
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