Tuesday, June 20, 2023


The larger storyline in SHAZAM! #2 is the follow-up to Captain Marvel's public outburst which Billy can't explain and doesn't realize was caused by the very gods whose power he calls on when he utters the wizard Shazam's name. An encounter with the Psycho Pirate gives our hero a false sense of security believing the villain is behind his recent behavior. While he's able to capture the super-villain, it isn't without loosing control once again leading to all kinds of damage and Billy Batson seriously considering never uttering the magic word again. However, I doubt the gods are done with him just yet.

While Billy isn't aware of just what is really going on, Freddy does a little snooping on his own which allows him to blunder in on the truth and into trouble of his own perhaps laying a trail for Billy to ultimately discover the truth. The comic, in my favorite part, also features a follow-up to Captain Marvel's help of space-going dinosaurs when a dino-lawyer drops by with plenty of paperwork for the hero to deal with. 

[DC, $3.99]

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