Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Green Lantern #2

The ups and downs of Hal Jordan's return to Earth continue in the second issue of the relaunched series. We get both Green Lantern flying around Coast City and stopping crimes, but discovering his ring slinging is limited to Earth (in a Silver Age Silver Surfer nod), while also seeing Hal without the ring wallow after being fired from Ferris only to get back on the horse and earn a new job with the company (to the shock and dismay of Carol). Hal Jordan, falling upward once again.

Plenty of fun here, including the reveal that Kilowog is Hal's new roommate. I'm less interested in the back-up story involving other Corps members in space which looks like could be taking over the comic beginning next issue. For a comic I've enjoyed the bulk of I'm a bit concerned where its headed from here, and just where Hal's story will get shunted off to, but this issue at least is another fun read.

[DC, $4.99]

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