Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Muppets Mayhem - Exile on Main Street

As the band begins to record their new album they lose an important member when a misunderstanding sends Animal (Eric Jacobson) off on a search of a new career. The plot offers a running gag that Animal may not be suited for anything else other than the Electric Mayhem's drummer (a harsh truth for an exasperated Ben Schwartz), that is until he finds an untapped talent as a hibachi chef. The thread also provides some flashbacks of Animal's introduction to the group and one of the episode's two performances in "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

It's in the Nora-centered (Lilly Singh) story, and offering no movement on the larger storyline, that the show continues to flounder with another dust-up with her sister and being largely unimportant to any events of the episode other than giving Floyd (Matt Vogel) a late push to help bring Animal home. More memorable for its gags (and the flashback) than story, with the band further away than ever before on their album (giving away a song to Sofia Carson rather than record it themselves) the show seems to have lost all momentum at this point.

  • Title: The Muppets Mayhem - Track 3: Exile on Main Street
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