Monday, March 4, 2024

Cobra Commander #2

Cobra Commander's search for Energon for Cobra-La leads him into swamps for an encounter with the Dreadnoks. Although we don't get Zartan in this issue, we do get a pair of the original Dreadnoks in Buzzer and Ripper, and also a smaller cameo from Zarana. After leaving Cobra-La, the Commander doesn't make friends with either his protector/overseer from Cobra-La (who he ditches) or the Dreadnoks (whose prized vehicle he blows up).

While far from a must-read, the issue serves to reintroduce the fan-favorite characters in this new Energon Universe as well as continue to show that even in this reality, Cobra Commander has trouble inspiring loyalty or trust. Seriously, is there anyone he hasn't pissed off yet? And, given his choice to head off alone into danger, it's not surprising to anyone other than the Commander himself that danger is exactly what he finds as the comic ends on a cliffhanger.

[Skybound Entertainment/Image, $4.99]

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