Monday, March 25, 2024

Fables #162

Fables comes to a close... again. Fables #162 wraps up "The Black Forest," the twelve-part return to the Fables Universe for Bill Willingham. Although its various epilogues tease additional stories for some of the separate characters, Fables #162 does feel like a finale. Our catalyst to the end of Peter Pan comes in the form of the new Jack in the Green who finally catches up with the villain and uses her arrow not to kill Pan but to release Tinkerbell from his control damning him to a far worse fate than death.

The recent apparent deaths of some rather important characters are quickly washed away and we see glimpses into futures of Bigby and Snow and several of their children. The comic also teases a new job for Cinderella and her ingenious plan on how to effect real change in both the magical and mundy worlds through politics. Of all the Fables characters, she remains my favorite and I wouldn't mind checking in with her again in a few years, should Willingham be inclined.

[DC, $3.99]

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