Monday, March 18, 2024

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Infiltration / Extraction

Now with Omega (Michelle Ang) and Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker) back in the fold, Star Wars: The Bad Batch turns its attention to working the other clones back into the larger story. After capturing one of the new clone assassins targeting both senators and searching for Omega, Rex (Baker) and his team contact Hunter (Baker) unknowingly putting them in danger of another assassin. While "Infiltration" lays the foundation of the episode and brings the characters together, "Extraction" centers around the heroes racing to stay one-step ahead of the Imperials on their trail. The episodes are solid, but not without some head-scratching moments in terms of the logic given events already laid out for the show.

In order to set up the episodes of clones hunting clones, leading to the moment of Rex's standoff with Wolffe (Baker), the episodes do steer dangerously into some complications in terms of what was already stated in the individual Crosshair episodes that the Imperials had pushed out the clone troopers replacing them with recruits. So why is Rex's squad still working, and not being tested in the secret base, especially without any non-clone supervision? And with Omega being the biggest prize of the Empire, are we really to believe they would send clones (which they no longer rely on for anything but experiments for brainwashed assassins) to retrieve her?

  • Title: Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Infiltration / Extraction
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