Monday, March 11, 2024

White Widow #4

The four-issue run wraps up here with the White Widow tracking Armament owner Renata Best back to her lair. In super-villain fashion, Best reveals all her plans to the hero and even offers Yelena a job with the company helping to train the assassins of the future for the (those future assassins being disposable cyborg killers she can destroy at any time). Yelena, however, has other plans.

The comic opens with a flashback featuring sparring between Yelena and Natasha with the latter worried for her younger sister and urging her to find something to live for. After destroying Armament's facilities and returning to her small group of friends, and the community she helped save, Yelena rethinks her response to Natasha. It turns out, under the right circumstances, she can work as part of a team. As to what's next, seems like Yelena is heading off with the Thundrbolts meaning more fun in Idylhaven will have to wait.

[Marvel, $3.99] 

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