Friday, March 1, 2024

Catwoman #62

Catwoman #62 continues the "Nine Lives" storyline in which writer Tini Howard keeps finding ways to kill off Catwoman and bring her back for more. My real interest in the comic isn't in the story itself, although Catwoman fulfilling an old debt by agreeing to work a single case for Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad is an interesting set-up, but the number of characters with ties to the Secret Six including both Black Alice and Jeannette who are part of Catwoman's team in stealing an artifact from Black Adam.

While I enjoy the fun of Catwoman and some of her crew stealing from Adam, I have problems with the story such as Waller killing Selina so cavalierly at the end of the issue knowing the kind of heat it would blow back on her without any gain in doing so. Under her own rules, Waller should reward Selina her freedom. Her "death" simply exists for Catwoman to survive and use powers offered to her by the goddess Bastet which, I'll admit, I'm also lukewarm on for even further drastically changing the character.

[DC, $3.99]

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