Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Duke #3

Discovering Duke has been captured, Cobra sends Major Bludd and his soldiers into the Pit to kill him before anyone starts believing his stories of giant transforming robots. Along with the action at the end where Duke fights for his life, the comic is mostly made up of conversations between Duke and the Baroness who spends most of the issue attempting to get Duke to reevaluate who his friends are and to trust her.

The Baroness doesn't break through Duke's resolve, but in the prison skirmish she is able to escape as well leading to a cliffhanger. Is the Baroness a potentially short-term ally or is she just another captor for the Joe on the run? While the comic sees a couple of Joes speaking up for the friend, the organization as a whole seems a bit too eager to believe the worst in him and forcibly shoving him unto a different path.

[Image/Skybound Entertainment, $3.99]

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