Monday, June 14, 2010

Batman #700

It's funny how many of Grant Morrison's stories come with that caveat. For Batman's #700 issue Morrison gives us a scientist, the Joker's myserious joke book, and a "maybe machine" that can alter time. And yes, that's the dumbest name for a time travel invention ever.

Story one involves Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in an adventure from their earlier years. The story continues in the current continuity and in the future with Damian as Batman. There are short glimpses of the future involving Terry McGinnis as the Dark Knight and beyond.

What's so interesting is in an attempt to give us an epic Batman story what Morrison hasn't given us a Batman story at all. He's given us a Matt Wagner story instead. It seems much like Grendel the shadow of the bat will continue across time in dystopian futures and beyond.

Is it worth picking up? For big-time Bat-fans, yes. For everyone else, probably not. The time mystery isn't that interesting and of all the stories here only the current version of Batman and Robin is told all that well. Hit-and-Miss.

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I wish they could have had three writers as well as the three artists. I am getting a bit sick of Morrison's story ticks and how he seems to keep most of the story in his head instead of on paper.

I do like the future Batman (Damien) though. I have a great story in MY head where he defeats his Grandfather (Ras al Ghul) after the death of his father. I like his arrogance which is something he obviously never grew out of. He's the best because he knows he is. He would make his father look downright huggy in comparison.