Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Arrow #1

I don't know whether to giggle or groan. Green Arrow has always been a thinly-veiled modern day Robin Hood, but I guess the veil is gone completely now. Oliver Queen is living in the forest (but still wearing his costume and mask), forever exiled from Star City, taking down any baddies who come his way, robbing the rich to feed the poor (I'm not making this up). Then you have this panel promising some Merry Men to help him out. Had the entire issue been more lighthearted and campy this new path for our hero may have been easier to swallow. Instead the series seems to be stubbornly stuck on the path laid down for the character in the best-forgotten (and never, ever, mentioned again) Cry for Justice mini-series. I can't help wonder if writer J.T. Krul is having a good laugh at all of our expense.

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