Thursday, June 3, 2010

Serenity: Float Out (One-shot)

We finally get a post-Serenity comic (something I've been waiting for). And it's written by...Patton Oswalt? Wait, what? The entire comic seems ill-conceived. We're given a memorial and flashbacks by characters we haven't seen before (and couldn't give two shits about) for a character that's been dead for five years. If you wait that long to honor someone like Wash you better do it in style (and not a completely forgettable throwaway comic like this). The art of Patric Reynolds doesn't help either. The ships look fine, but the characters looked rush, blurred, and half-assed. A comic with a strong story can sometimes overcome bad art (and vice-versa), but when they both are unremarkable you end up with a turd like this. Oswalt is a funny guy and should stick to what he knows. We have enough mediocre comic book writers.

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