Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Darkwing Duck #9

After a brief meeting with an image consultant in an attempt to clean up his image after the army of Darkwings helped demolish large sections of St. Canard. Next up for our hero: an unlikely team-up with an agent of F.O.W.L.

Things must really be bleak if Steelbeak is willing to turn on his own criminal organization and befriend the duck who has thwarted his criminal enterprises for years. So what could be so awful, so unthinkable? F.O.W.L. has decided to use dark magic to bring forth... Duckthulhu!

Okay, I'll grant you that this isn't a great idea for a story, but I actually enjoyed Darkwing Duck and Steelbeak together on the same side, and the plot for this story arc (even if it makes me groan) does allow this to happen. It also gives us a chance for a harebrained scheme and the pair behind overwhelmed by an army of Eggmen.

Throw in the funny opening with the Duck Draper (which goes over as badly as you'd expect) as well as the reactions of both Gosalyn and Morgana Macawber to being taken for granted, and there's more than enough here that's worth a look.

[BOOM $3.99]

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