Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Robin #20

Enter the Catman. The first issue of a two-part crossover with Teen Titans begins here as Red Robin battles with Catman who has been hired by the Calculator to keep the hero out of the ubernet. His solution is simple, and deadly - he puts Tam Fox in danger.

I've got to say any comic can be helped by a little Catman, and the fight between the two is pretty good. I'm also glad to see how seriously Drake takes a threat like Thomas Blake. You've come a long way, baby (thank you Gail Simone!).

That said, the best part of this issue is the second-half where Red Robin reconnects with the Teen Titans (and Damian). The Empire Strike Back reunion scene is pretty good, as is the chemistry between Drake and his former teammates is enjoyable as well as telling on how much Drake has grown into his own character. Now if they can just survive the daunting task of taking out Calculator's base of operation protected by an army of robots made in his own image. (I wonder if he calls them Doombots?) Definitely worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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