Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get Low

Robert Duvall stars as a grumpy old hermit nearing the end of a lonely life who decides to hire a local funeral director (Bill Murray) and his assistant (Lucas Black) to plan a living funeral - something never seen before in Tennessee during the 1930's.

Duvall is given a meaty role, and Murray has some fun moments, but eventually the film simply runs out of gas. The hermit's deep dark secret, once exposed, is... kind of lame, and far less interesting than I hoped. And the promise of others gathering at his funeral to tell tales of this mean old hermit's violent outbursts (which have become legend in the small town) is never fulfilled, at least on-camera.

Get Low gives you exactly what you'd expect (complete with a big bright bow wrapped around the ending) and nothing more. It's ike so many uninspired films that play it safe and don't cash-in on the chances offered them.

Available one both DVD and Blu-ray the film comes with a small selection of extras which includes Q&A from the Tribeca Film Festival, commentary by Duvall, Sissy Spacek, director Aaron Schneider and producer Dean Zanuck, the film's trailer, and a collection of short featurettes on the background and creation of the film.

I could never recommend anyone buy this (at any price), but those seeking a feel-good story about a grumpy miser coming to terms with his life's biggest mistake might want to give this one a quick look. Sadly, those, like me, looking for more are bound to be disappointed.

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