Monday, February 28, 2011

Megamind on Blu-ray

Anyone who ever enjoyed old Silver Age Superman comics and always wanted to see Lex Luthor beat the Man of Steel should go grab this movie right now. Megamind asks a simple question: What happens to a villain after he's vanquished the hero? DreamWorks answer is as much fun on Blu-ray as it was in the theaters.

After giving us a short background on Megamind (Will Ferrell as our villain) and Metro Man (Brad Pitt as our hero) the movie quickly moves to the villain's latest plot. Everything is going as usual, the hero is ready to save the day, rescue the girl, and thwart the bad guy. And then the unexpected happens - the villain wins.

The rest of the film focuses on Megamind trying to redefine his role in the world, his evolving relationship with intrepid female reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey), and his own hero's journey to be the next champion of Metro City.

Megamind is a merging of the corniness of Silver Age tales with modern sensibilities. And it's a helluva lot of fun. The film's look, style, and slightly off-beat sense of humor fit perfectly with this kind of tale. The film has a character who is a fish inside the body of robotic gorilla voiced by David Cross. What else do you need? For more on the film (read my original review).

In terms of extras the Blu-ray there's a little something here for everyone including behind-the-scenes featurettes on the film and the design of the character of Megamind and his secret lair, a deleted scene, a new animated short "Megamind: The Button of Doom," and a few games for kids including a tutorial on how to draw Megamind. A trivia track and a storyboard video/audio commentary track from the creators of the film are also included.

I enjoyed this film in the theaters and liked it ever more on Blu-ray (Jonah Hill's character wasn't quite as annoying the second time around). It's an easy recommendation for anyone, especially those with a love of classic comic books.

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