Monday, February 28, 2011

The Deadly Art of Science (Part Four)

As the mysterious scientific robberies continue Atomic Robo and Helen take a night off to enjoy a movie and a leisurely stroll. It's a perfect night, at least until they come across a massive robot committing another robbery. Robo's attempt to help the police apprehend the thief is less than helpful.

There are some nice moments between Tesla and Robo and Robo driving Tarot a little more insane when the robot can't remember not to keep using the secret entrance. And Helen makes the hard realization she's dating a robot who is only seven years-old. Yeah... when you put it like that it is pretty creepy.

We also get a little more of the book's villain this time around - Thomas Edison. We only get a short glimpse as to what his scientists are working on, but the final issue seems primed to wrap-up all these stories satisfactorily. Worth a look.

[Red 5 $3.50]

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