Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Supergirl #61

Better watch out Damian, you wouldn't want Red Robin to find out you got saved by Supergirl. Although I'm still on the fence with Bernard Chang's art, I'm always glad to see a team-up with Supergirl and Robin. I can hardly wait until Batgirl gets brought in to this story arc and the fun can really begin.

After fighting off her own gang of super-villains, who appear and disappear without a trace, Kara travels to Gotham to save Robin from the same fate. And if that's not enough for you there's a touching (if slightly forced) moment between Lois Lane and Supergirl that goes further in validating Kara than any super-villain knockdown ever could.

There are a couple of nagging issues here (the most obvious being the continuity issue surrounding Blue Beetle's involvement in this story), but it is FUN and a far cry from the dreary story arcs the character was stuck in just a few months ago. Definitely worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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