Thursday, February 3, 2011

Human Target - The Trouble with Harry

Human Target had two good episodes this week. The first centered around a undercover Russian assassin (Lauren German) attempting to knock off her cover husband (Todd Grinnell). It's actually much more romantic that it sounds, but as this was the one with lasting implications moving towards the season finale next week "The Trouble with Harry" is the one I chose to discuss here.

The team is approached by the scared fiancée (Nicole Bilderback) of the owner of a security agency (Michael Mass) after she learns her betrothed is secretly offering assassination as well as protection to his clients.

The team, with the help of Ilsa (Indira Varma) break into the heavily guarded compound of the paranoid private army commander to drug him with truth serium and steal his files. As you might guess, things don't go quite according to plan. That's why the episode begins with Chance (Mark Valley) in a bar, handcuffed to a chair, sitting on a bomb, and waiting for an exchange to take place when who should enter but likable looser Harry (Tony Hale).

Aside from the regular action, Chance's lecturing to Ilsa on the proper way to rescue someone, and Guerrero's (Jackie Earle Haley) constant complaining about an amatuer leading the show, the episode also brings the rising sexual tension between Ilsa and Chance to a head moving forward to next week's season finale. The narrated structure, and Hale's return as Harry are both nice touches as well.

The show is really finishing its second season strong. I'm a little sad it's going away. Here's hoping the show returns with more crazy saves for an action packed third season.

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