Sunday, May 6, 2012

Earth 2 #1

I like Earth-2. I like James Robinson. I love the art of Nicola Scott. And to be honest, even with the odd costume designs for the characters (really, did they have to get New 52'd too?), I liked aspects of this first issue. What's troubling me is that everything I enjoyed in this issue is the set-up and the characters who won't be appearing in the rest of the series.

The story opens with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Robin (Helena Wayne), battling an army of Parademons who have overrun the Earth, slayed the Amazons, and killed millions. It's unclear, in what we're shown, if these are the only five heroes on the planet, or if all the heroes are dead (or have yet to be born).

Although Batman's plan to save the world from Darkseid's minions is a success, the cost is high. Earth-2's big three all fall and Supergirl and Robin find themselves sent into a parallel Earth. This part of the story works well enough; my problem begins with the last few pages as Robinson and Scott begin introducing the heroes who will showcased in the comic going forward.

I don't need a rambunctious Wally West-ish 21 year-old Jay Garrick (although the foreshadowing of how he receives his speed is kind of interesting). Alan Scott as a mogul doesn't impress me much either. This is a little shakier than I'd like from the first big release of DC's Second Wave. I liked parts of this first issue, but I'm not sure I'm going to want to stick around Earth-2 very long if this is the best heroes than can offer. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, #3.99]

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