Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Supreme #64

Erik Larsen does double-duty following up Alan Moore's final Supreme story by also returning the original Extreme version of Supreme from the comic's launch. Issue #64 is very much a transitional issue as Larsen wraps up Moore's cliffhanger, and all it's Silver Age trappings, to get back to the more menacing Mean Supreme.

The story picks up right where Moore's left off with Citadel under attack by an army of Darius Daxes. Opening the portal to the Supremecy only brings more bloodshed until Supreme and Original Supreme have no choice but to release Mean Supreme. The most violent Supreme of them all decimates the villains and uses Silver Superium to strip the other versions of himself of their power.

I'll give Larsen credit for trying to do an amazing amount of work in terms of a tonal shift in only a single issue. In places he struggles, and his art is a little rougher than the more polished version we got in last month's issue that went so well with Moore's story. I liked the original character enough to stick around at least a couple of issues to see where Larsen plans to take him from here. Worth a look.

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