Monday, May 14, 2012

Batman #9

The Night of Owls continues as Batman fights off an army of Talons inside the Batcave while dressed in an armored Bat-suit designed for the most hostile and alien places on Earth, and armed with a pet dinosaur and an army of bats that come in the nick of time.

Most of the issue deals with the fight in the cave but I do wonder why so many Talons were sent after Bruce Wayne (who they didn't yet know was Batman) when the other targets didn't garner so much attention.

The back-up story features Alfred's father Jarvis in his final days of service for the Wayne family and his attempts to leave Wayne Manor and make it back home only to be stopped by a member of the Court of Owls.

I wish the last few pages had dealt with the Night of Owls other than a mostly forgetable back-up story. I'm also not thrilled with writer Scott Snyder's attempt to rope Alfred's family into the seemingly all-encompassing Court of Owls arc. Worth a look

[DC, $2.99]

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