Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bat-Mite #4

Bat-Mite teams-up the Batman-obsessed imp with the greatest hero you've never heard of: Booster Gold! Booster's timely arrival helps Bat-Mite extracate himself from an embarrassing situation involving his new roommates. And after realizing Booster isn't a super-villain, and his failed attempt to give Booster a grim makeover that's no worse than what the New 52 did to the hero, Bat-Mite finally agrees to help Booster hunt down a villain (Gridlock) who is obsessed with reversing time back to when he was younger. (Hey, after reading all the mediocre New 52 comics I've put up with I'm on your side Gridlock!)

It's an unusual team-up to be sure (especially since the New 52 seems fine with writing Booster out of its current continuity). Still, the two unlikely heroes make a fun pair (even if neither is clad in their traditional costumes). Eventually Booster and Bat-Mite learn to work together to stop a villain stuck in the past (and stop him from collecting vintage comics?). Oh well, even if Gridlock's crimes aren't exactly world-shattering, it's still fun to see Booster back in action (whatever he's wearing). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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