Sunday, September 20, 2015

Doctor Who - The Doctor's Meditation

Teasing the show's Ninth Season premiere, "The Doctor's Meditation" is a short six-minute episode that finds The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) in Camelot doing what he can to avoid confronting both an old adversary and one of the Time Lord's least proud moments of all his 13 lifetimes. Sequestering himself for the purpose of meditation before the upcoming confrontation, The Doctor quickly wearies and finds ways to distract himself first by getting Bors (Daniel Hoffmann-Gill) and some of the other locals to dig several new (and faulty) wells near the castle and finally relenting to a retaliatory party to celebrate the Time Lord's long life.

The final minute of the episode turns dark, leading into the opening of the season premiere and a fateful decision by The Doctor which will haunt throughout that episode and beyond. For the most part, however, "The Doctor's Meditation" is a lighthearted short focusing on the current Doctor having the same issues with patience that have troubled some of his earlier regenerations and how the Time Lord would prefer constant motion to personal reflection whenever possible.

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