Monday, September 14, 2015

The Wicked + The Divine #14

Writer Kieron Gillen's attempt at a "remix issue," The Wicked + The Divine #14 is a pause before the storm covering the major events of the series from an alternative point of view. From the perspective of Woden we see larger plans of Ananke unfold as the issue confirms the head of the Pantheon was responsible not only for Lucifer's death but also for framing the god for the very public murder of a judge.

Along with giving us a look into the demented mind and sexual perversions of Woden, the issue also foreshadows a tiny rebellious sliver of the character who may yet turn out to be more than just Ananke's pet.

The murder of the comic's leading character as part of Ananke's mysterious plan is also addressed, but not explained. I'll admit I'm still at a loss with the series since the death of Laura, removing the human element to the story and leaving us with only the nefarious plans of spoiled gods which may not be enough to keep me coming back to see how things eventually shake out. For fans.

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