Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hawaii Five-0 - Mai ho'oni i ka wai lana mâlie

Hawaii Five-0 opens its Sixth Season with a story about pirates and buried treasure when an author investigating a late 19th Century pirate attack on the islands is found murdered for what he may have uncovered. Investigating the murder leads the group to the great-granddaughter (Samantha Lockwood) of one of the pirates and her partner (Jay Hector) who are willing to do whatever it takes to find the lost treasure. The episode has fun with the pirate theme involving Jerry (Jorge Garcia) in the investigation before Five-0 eventually tracks down the killers but not the elusive treasure which turns out to be more legend than fact.

The B-story of the season premiere focuses on Kono (Grace Park) and Adam's (Ian Anthony Dale) honeymoon which is interrupted by Gabriel (Christopher Sean) who tortures the pair to get a hold of all of the money Adam was planning to turn over to the Yakuza to buy the couple's freedom from his past. Although it offers the opportunity for Kono to kick some ass and get a little payback, the episode ends with Adam in the emergency room, Gabriel on the loose, and the Japanese mob's money nowhere to be seen. It seems life for the newlyweds will be no easier this season.

As for McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) love life, the Commander decides to propose to Catherine (Michelle Borth). However, the absence of any discussion of marriage between the two (and Borth's absence from the opening credits) could suggest an answer McGarret could be unprepared for. On the other hand, the show could easily return Borth to her role as a recurring character rather than make Catherine a full-time member of the group. Either way I'm guessing Kono isn't the only one with some rocky romantic moments in her near future.

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