Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dragons: Race to the Edge - Gone Gustav Gone

The arrival of Gustav (Lucas Grabeel) at Dragon's Edge puts every one on edge as the 16 year-old seeks out Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) proclaiming his readiness to become a Dragon Rider. The others are far less certain, especially after spending time with the boy who nearly burns down one of huts, spends most of his time creeping Astrid (America Ferrera) out with his boyhood crush, and comes close to losing the Dragon's Eye while heading out on his own treasure-seeking adventure.

Unwanted by the group and captured by Dagur (David Faustino), Gustav eventually proves his worth by out-thinking the villain and helping Hiccup recover the Dragon's Eye. "Gone Gustav Gone" is a pretty typical by-the-book fool-makes-good episode where despite all the trouble Gustav causes during his short stay he's quick thinking not only helps the group stop Dagur but also uncover another lens for the Dragon's Eye. Despite his help Gustav understands he isn't quite ready to join the group quite yet.

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