Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Agent X - Sacrifice

The Vice President's (Sharon Stone) attempt to broker peace between a Mexican terrorist (Hemky Madera) and the country's President (Rene Rivera) leads the VP and John (Jeff Hephner) into Mexico where the entire group is shot down by Nicolas Volker (Andrew Howard). The radio silence from the pair leads President Eckhart (John Shea) to step back into his former duties leading the Agent X program in a B-story that involves Malcolm (Gerald McRaney) searching for the leak which allowed Volker to find his friends.

"Sacrifice" proves to be a turning point in the show's First Season. John and the Vice President are able to save a fragile peace between the two sides but both John and Malcolm make separate realizations about Volker's true identity and just how the super-villain has been one-step ahead of them this entire time. Linking Volker to the Agent X program certainly explains the man's access to the super-spy's vast library of information making him an even larger threat. While John's personal nemesis is unmasked the show still leaves plenty of the cabal's conspiracy in the darkness to be uncovered over the season's remaining episodes.

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