Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Librarians and the Infernal Contract

Following the disappearance of an idealistic campaign volunteer (Kanani Rose Rogers) the Librarians head to a small New Hampshire town where an old friend (Michael Trucco) of Eve (Rebecca Romijn) is running against an incumbent Mayor (Matt Nolan) whose family has an ace-in-the-hole thanks to a deal with a devil (John de Lancie). To beat the devil the group will have to think outside of the box as the contract's magical properties keep preventing the group from changing the outcome. It also doesn't help when the other candidate decides that maybe the devil could help him win the election.

Star Trek: The Next Generation fans should enjoy de Lancie here, albeit in a role far less over-the-top than that of Q. I would have enjoyed a little more evil glee, but his performance works well here calmly orchestrating events to suit his purposes. The episode also offers another impressive use of Cassandra's (Lindy Booth) vision. In the end, however, the Librarians themselves prove largely ineffectual and fall back on the assistance of both Eve and Jenkins (John Larroquette) to save the day, destroy the contract, and stop the devil from claiming the lives of dozens of innocent people as the cost of the agreement.

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