Monday, December 14, 2015

The Librarians and the Point of Salvation

DARPA's use of an Atlantean stone to boost their quantum computer's power creates a "quantum overload thing" turning those trapped in the secret lab into "rage people." The situation also gets Eve (Rebecca Romijn), Cassandra (Lindy Booth), Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) and Stone (Christian Kane) all trapped with a time-loop where only Ezekiel is aware of the group's previous missteps. Knowing what is happening forces the slacker to take the lead for once and prove himself worthy of the name Librarian (even if by the end of the episode he won't remember any of it).

Constantly re-explaining the situation to his team, after watching them die over and over again, begins to take its tole on the Librarian thief. However, discovering that the loop is actually more like a resetting video game that leaves items for its players to help navigate the level gives Ezekiel a chance to play through each trap. He uses the knowledge and experience of his friends to find the exit and stop the malformed game code from continuing to rewrite reality. While locking up the friends he doesn't need to get through a specific challenge, the thief works out the steps necessary to navigate his the Librarians safely out, but actually make it through he'll have to lead the others through each challenge as the game begins to crash around them.

"And the Point of Salvation" allows Ezekiel to play the hero while still writing in a backdoor to allow the thief to revert to his old self before the end of the episode. The resets thankfully don't get old as the show does a good job racing through (or ignoring completely) the more monotonous pieces of each reset while also placing in a few running gags. The episode also includes a B-story set in the Library with Jenkins (John Larroquette) calling on a fairy in an attempt to learn Prospero's endgame (which we get a tease of in the episode's final scene).

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