Monday, December 21, 2015

Elementary - The Cost of Doing Business

Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is drawn into his father's world when Morland Holmes (John Noble) shows up on his doorstep asking for Sherlock's help to look into a sniper attack that left four dead and five wounded that the elder Holmes believes was committed by an acquaintance (Jakob Von Eichel) of his. It's not long into the investigation before the younger Holmes summizes that the attack was far from random and the other injuries and deaths were all used to carefully cover up the specific murder of a single victim.

With Holmes working with his father and Watson (Lucy Liu) working with the police, "The Cost of Doing Business" keeps the partners separated for most of the episode. However, as is often the case, coming together helps the two detectives narrow their search and finally nab their killer. Despite showing his son a softer side of himself, the episode is also notable for showcasing audiences the ruthlessness of Morland Holmes which still is present in his business dealings not concerning his son. Just what Morland wants from Sherlock is unclear, but I have no doubt given this glimpse into his true personality that his motivations won't be purely selfless once revealed.

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