Monday, December 28, 2015

Agent X - Penultimatum

John's (Jeff Hephner) decision to resign from the Agent X program is shortlived after he discovers Volker (Andrew Howard) has kidnapped Pamela (Carolyn Stotesbery). Forced to steal the Geryon, John is sent on a mission guaranteed to end in either the spy's death or capture. Thankfully for John, even if he's walked away from Agent X, he still has valuable friends in the right places.

The first-half of the show's season finale brings back plenty of familiar faces as Olga Petrovka (Olga Fonda) chooses to help John rather than cash-in on the bounty on his head and Malcolm (Gerald McRaney) recruits a former Agent X (Fred Dryer) to help find Pamela and remove Volker's leverage over John. "Penultimatum" also offers some dark foreshadowing to possible trouble between the President (John Shea) and Vice President (Sharon Stone) concerning his post-assassination plans for the program. Ending with Pamela safe and John and Olga heading after the season's big bad together, "Penultimatum" succeeds in setting the stage for a final battle between former partners turned bitter enemies.

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