Monday, May 9, 2016

Darkwing Duck #1

With the far-too-short BOOM! Studios run of Darkwing Duck cut short by the comics rights of the character heading to Disney the terror that flaps in the night has been in limbo... until now. Relaunching the title through Joe Books, Disney gives the character new life on the printed page with Darkwing Duck #1.

With James Silvani returning to do the artistic duties, ssue #1 begins with Darkwing Duck's capture of Megavolt. However, that victory is short-lived with the return of Negaduck who takes advantage of Megavolt's addition to St. Canard's new state-of-the-art prison (an unveiling which includes a school trip by Gosayln and her friends) to trap our intrepid hero in a building full of criminals he put away.

With Aaron Sparrow replacing Ian Brill as the team's writer it looks like we're going to get the same humor and hijinks from the previous comic (with a little more alliteration this time around). Welcome back Darking, now let's get dangerous! Worth a look.

[Joe Books, $2.99]

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