Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Moon Knight #2

Be it real or only the delusions of a weak mind, Marc Spector has chosen his reality. Believing himself to be the super-hero Moon Knight, something his psychiatrists inform his is impossible, Marc is visited by his god Khonshu who attempts to rally its warrior and explain the situation in a way Marc's fractured mind can comprehend.

Words from a fellow inmate and the infiltration of Frenchie into the hospital provides a means of escape for Marc whose friend brings him some proper attire for his journey. Moon Knight as his friends escape the mad house, but what they find underneath creates all new problems for the hero.

A mercenary turned champion of an Egyptian god, Moon Knight's origins have always been a bit odd. Writer Jeff Lemire continues to play with the concepts of Marc's fragile mental state as well as an extra-terrestrial being taking advantage of it for its own ends with interesting results. Worth a look.

[Marvel, 3.99]

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