Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Person of Interest - QSO

With each episode in the season The Machine begins to act a little more like its old self. In "QSO" it sends Root (Amy Acker) on a few seemingly unrelated tasks before making her a producer of a conspiracy radio talk show whose on-air talent has become a threat to Samaritan after uncovering a coded radio signal the artificial intelligence uses to instruct its operatives. Failing to understand how unbelievable the truth will sound on a show dealing with UFO stories and countless government conspiracies, Samaritan marks the man for death.

Tying in the B-story involving Samaritan's latest psychological torture of Shaw (Sarah Shahi) whose grip on reality versus fantasy has been challenged by Samaritan's simulations, Root is able to use Samaritan's own network to provide her missing friend with a simple message offering a small nugget of hope and providing the catalyst for Shaw's actions in the following episode. While no closer to defeating Samaritan, this episode begins the process of re-assimilating Shaw back into the fight at the same time the team looses another key asset.

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