Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Velvet #14

Searching for answers about who killed X-14 and framed her as a traitor, and connecting that to the Watergate break-in, leads Velvet Templeton to Washington, D.C. where the spy makes a bold move in blackmailing Vice Gerald President Ford and kidnapping President Richard Nixon. You know, just another day for the world's greatest spy.

Although the truth of what she discovers is kept from the reader, the answers to Velvet's questions taste more like ash than victory. Her capture by Colt, who has continued to track her from her recent shoot-out in Washington, to end the issue only compounds the sense of failure as Velvet is staggered by what she learns from Nixon in the few moments she spends with the President in the subway tunnels under D.C.

What did Velvet learn? What's next for Velvet, Colt, and those still working against her? Can Velvet escape Colt's clutches or turn the fellow spy into a co-collaborator? Or, with what she knows now, is being taken by her former employers exactly what she wants? Worth a look.

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